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The nine most dangerous things for drivers

The main dangers of the driver behind the wheel.
Driving involves a lot of risks. According to the traffic police of the Russian Federation, in recent years the number of traffic accidents has increased significantly. Although it is worth noting that in 2014, for some types of accidents, the number of accidents began to decline. But, despite some decline in accidents, the number of severe accidents continues to grow. So in 2014, 26,850 people died on the roads of Russia.

This is a very large number of deaths in road traffic accidents. For example, in the United States, more than 35,000 people died on the roads during the same year. But given the number of vehicles registered in the United States (three times more than in Russia), this figure is not large compared to our country.

In what cases do people die most often? What traffic violations are most associated with serious accidents in which road users die? offers to look at the ten most common reasons why severe accidents occur.

1. Driving under the influence of alcohol

Traffic police data paint a clear picture: Most accidents are associated with drunk driving. It was the majority of the injured and the dead who had an accident due to the fault of drunk drivers. And, that’s a fact. Science has long established that alcohol impairs the ability to drive and make sound decisions on the road. For example, a glass of vodka reduces the driver’s reaction by half.

So before you get behind the wheel, use common sense. If you urgently need to go somewhere, but you have drunk, then it is better to call a taxi or use the “Sober driver” service, which is provided by many taxi companies and other companies. Thus, you will avoid tragic consequences.

2. Driving while fatigued

A sleepy driver is not much different from a person driving who has had some alcohol. When you are tired and want to sleep your body is ready for sleep and of course, relaxes. This leads to a significant decrease in response. People who, despite their fatigue, continue to drive a car to pose a huge risk to all road users. Therefore, if you are very tired, you should not be driving, as this can lead to irreparable events.
Staying drowsy while driving can also cause you to fall asleep while driving. Remember that the greatest risk of falling asleep while driving is associated with motorway travel. As a rule, a trip on highways is associated with the monotony and monotony of traffic. And, if you are tired and want to sleep in such monotonous traffic, you can easily fall asleep at the wheel.

3. Speeding

Exceeding the speed limit is the second leading cause of fatal crashes. According to research by foreign companies, the higher the speed, the greater the consequences of an accident. There is no escape from the laws of physics. Also, according to research, if you drive more or less than the speed limit on the road, you have a greater risk of getting into an accident than if you drive at the legal speed. Remember that if you keep the speed limit on a certain section of the road, then everything is more predictable and safer.

4. Get distracted while driving

When you travel by car, be sure to turn off your mobile phone if your car is not equipped with a speakerphone. According to the traffic police, every year about 100,000 people get into an accident due to a cell phone, because of which they were distracted from the road and become participants in an accident. It is worth noting that most drivers are distracted by SMS text messages. Of course, cell phone calls are also a common cause of accidents. Remember how many drivers you see on the roads of Russia who, using a mobile phone while driving, behave inappropriately when driving on the road.

The thing is that the mobile phone distracts the driver, reducing the concentration of attention several times (equates to a decrease in the reaction when drinking alcohol in small quantities).

Therefore, if you want to stay always in touch, but do not want to get into an accident, then use only the speakerphone in the car.

5. Driving too fast in difficult weather conditions

It is not always possible and necessary to drive at the permitted speed. Sometimes, depending on the weather conditions, it is necessary to drive the car much more slowly than under normal conditions. When the weather worsens (especially in winter), the best solution to avoid getting into an accident is to reduce the average speed. Also remember that if your car is equipped with all-wheel drive and modern security systems, this does not give a reason to drive fast on a slippery road.

Remember that your car weighs a lot and it will be very difficult to quickly stop the vehicle on a slippery road. According to the State traffic inspectorate, 24 percent of accidents in our country are related to weather conditions. Therefore, in winter, keep an increased distance from other vehicles and reduce the average speed by half.

6. Keep an increased distance in front of trucks

Driving on the highway behind heavy vehicles can save you a lot of fuel in some way. But remember that following close to a truck is very dangerous. Especially if the truck is towing a trailer. If you keep a sufficient distance from the truck, you will be able to react in time if the truck in front brakes sharply. Remember that the driver of a truck with a trailer may not see you due to zero visibility. Therefore, do not drive too fast to the truck, as this can lead to a terrible accident.

7. Aggressive driving

In many parts of the world, aggressive driving is familiar. Different countries deal with this in different ways. Unfortunately, in our country, there is no responsibility for aggressive driving yet. At the moment, the State Duma is a bill that provides for the introduction of liability for aggression while driving. But the fact that it will be adopted is unlikely, since, according to experts, the law has not been finalized (Note of the author – which is a pity).
Why, then, in many countries of the world, serious liability has been introduced for aggressive driving? The thing is that due to the fault of drivers who behave inadequately on the road, a large proportion of serious accidents occur. Remember that the more predictable your maneuvers, the safer the traffic situation.
As a rule, aggressive drivers drive unpredictably, which creates a huge risk of an accident. It is noteworthy that aggressive drivers are young drivers or novice drivers who have recently obtained a license. According to some estimates, about 35 percent of all accidents in the world are associated with aggressive driving.
That is why in many countries aggressive driving is equated with a criminal offense for which they can be put in jail.

8. Not wearing a seat belt

According to international studies, in 90 percent of crashes, people manage to survive or not get seriously injured thanks to a fastened seat belt. Yes, of course, this is the merit of airbags, which are in almost all vehicles. But they protect the driver most effectively only when the seat belt is fastened.
Unfortunately, in our country, many people neglect them (violating traffic rules) and do not wear seat belts. This is especially massively observed in large cities, where the average speed is not high due to heavy traffic. People mistakenly believe that there is no need to wear a seat belt when driving at low speeds. But this is a myth. Remember that even at low speeds, wearing a seat belt will protect you from serious injury in the event of an accident.

9. Failed to give way

Didn’t miss the car. This wording is a common cause of accidents. In our country, the proportion of accidents due to failure to provide priority for the passage of a section of the road is very large. Every day, a huge number of accidents are recorded due to the fact that one car did not give way to another.

With what it is connected. In fact, there are many reasons why drivers do not give way, according to the established rules of the road. This is ignorance of simple rules, and driving culture and inattention. Also a frequent cause of accidents associated with the failure to provide priority, and the lack of necessary road signs and appropriate markings.
But most often, such accidents occur due to the passage of intersections on a red or yellow traffic light.
Therefore, we advise you to slow down when approaching an intersection in order to have time to react to the situation in case of danger, as well as not to miss a road sign or markings. Remember that before you pass the intersection, make sure that the road is clear. And don’t be calm if you are on the main road. Remember that someone can, violating the rules of the road, go to an intersection or any intersection of roads without noticing a traffic light or a give way sign.

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