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How to avoid an accident

A traffic accident can be avoided.

We all know that car accident happen every day. According to statistics in our country, road accidents are recorded every 5 seconds. Car accidents by their nature are divided into the following categories: severe, moderate, and light. Despite the not entirely rosy statistics of road accidents (accidents) in our country, more of them are classified as minor accidents, in which only cars suffer. But nevertheless, the percentage of severe accidents, including fatal ones, in comparison with other countries of the world, in our country remains very high.

According to the results of numerous studies, it has actually been established that most of the accidents that have occurred could have been avoided if the drivers on their part had followed simple safety rules and strictly observed the rules of the road.

Have you guys ever been in a car accident? Yes? Surely most of our readers (motorists) will answer this question in the affirmative. Drivers often get into accidents through no fault of their own. From this, as everyone understands, no one is insured. A large number of accidents is directly related to our carelessness, with incorrect behavior and reasoning when driving on the road, when various unexpected and unforeseen situations arise.

Also, often the cause of the accident itself lies in the driver’s misunderstanding of the situation on the road, who drives his car overconfidently and in violation of traffic rules, mistakenly believing that he can always avoid the situation of getting into a traffic accident. Often our actions on the road are unconscious and unpredictable until we acquire certain driving skills and do not yet have sufficient driving experience.

The world around us friends has changed almost in just ten years. Modern cars have appeared, modern technologies have appeared, and roads have become much safer than before, but nevertheless, the risk of unexpectedly getting into an accident these days has increased, and it has become much greater. This is directly related to the increase in the number of vehicles on our roads (this is especially noticeable in large cities) and other certain factors that surround us everywhere in this modern world.

We invite our readers to get acquainted with the simplest but good tips in order to reduce the risk of getting into an accident for themselves in the future. Any of the drivers in their thoughts realizes with horror that getting into an accident for them is the most terrible and unpleasant thing that can happen on the road. Our advice to friends is easy to implement. The main thing here is to observe traffic rules and self-discipline.

1) Before starting the engine, check the serviceability of the main systems of the car.

Before you start the engine and hit the road, check the operation of all turn signals, position lights, and brake lights on the machine. Also, don’t forget to check the condition of the tires. Thus, you will make sure for yourself that your car does not have any problems with its further operation.

2) Be careful on the road.

Many of us motorists, having gained a little experience in driving a car, immediately begin to think that we are great racing drivers and completely lose their sense of danger and caution, they simply become overly self-confident. Unfortunately, most of these drivers tend to become frequent participants in road accidents. Friends, it’s better to think that you are not the only one on the road, there are also novice drivers or motorists who are not too attentive because of their self-confidence or inexperience, and because of your unexpected maneuver, they may not be able to cope with control of the machine and could damage your vehicle as well as your vehicle.

While driving on the road, use your friend’s peripheral vision, namely, when you seem to be looking at one point, but at that very moment you see most of the objects on the sides. If during the movement you feel drowsy when you look at one targeted point, then try at such moments to shift your gaze more often to the sides, without naturally losing sight of the road itself at this moment. Pay attention to the cars that are moving next to you. Don’t forget to look in your rearview mirror to gauge the speed of the vehicles behind you. This will not only help you stay awake while driving, but in the event of any danger that may come from another vehicle, it will help you quickly take the necessary actions to avoid a collision with a car.

3) Before changing lanes, make sure that the adjacent lane is clear.

In most cars, there are so-called blind spots (zones that are not visible through the side rear-view mirrors. A common cause of accidents is changing lanes by car into another lane where another car is moving. Before changing lanes to the next lane, make sure that in this very lane another car is not moving almost next to you or not so far away. Since the side mirrors of the car do not give a one hundred percent guarantee that the road is empty from the side, turn your head for a while in the direction you need and make sure that nothing prevents you from changing lanes.

Also remember, when parking or driving in yards, you must be extremely careful and careful, do not rely on rear-view mirrors. In the parking lot, because of any other car, a person may suddenly run out, who, being in a blind zone for you, maybe under the wheels of your car.

4) Be very careful when a car is moving next to you in the other lane.

If another car is driving next to you for a long enough time, then try not to lose sight of it and be very careful. The driver of this vehicle may not be able to see you due to blind spots and could damage your vehicle if you change lanes unexpectedly.

5) Driving through the intersection.

When approaching any road intersection, please be extremely vigilant. Even if you are going to a green traffic light, before crossing the carriageway, make sure that no one is moving towards you from other directions of the intersection. Please remember that not all drivers on the road are law-abiding and can pass the intersection even at a red light. It also happens and it is not uncommon that the traffic light itself is faulty, which can confuse any of the drivers.

6) Be careful when approaching a car with a special signal.

If while driving a car you hear a sound special signal, then be very careful at this moment and get ready to give way to a special car in accordance with the rules of the road. Also remember, friends, that this car with a special signal can confuse a novice driver who, without any warning, can abruptly change lanes into your lane, thereby giving way to a special car passing by. In particular, it must be remembered that when driving through a green traffic light and hearing the sound of a special signal of a special car, you must be prepared for the fact that a car with a special signal may suddenly appear on your way, which has the right to go to a red traffic light.

7) Do not forget to turn on the turn signals when changing lanes.

If you want to change lanes by car, then before making this maneuver, please do not forget to turn on the turn signal, first make a short pause up to three clicks of the turn signal to make sure that the adjacent lane is currently free, and only then change lanes. If you see that nothing and no one bothers you when changing lanes, anyway, at this moment, try to be extremely careful, because an inexperienced driver may not calculate the speed of his car and will not have time to simply slow down, thereby he can easily damage your automobile.

8) Follow traffic rules.

Most road accidents (traffic accidents) occur due to non-compliance with traffic rules by drivers. Please remember, friends, that speeding and driving while intoxicated are the most common causes of serious accidents.

9) Keep your distance.

When you press the brake pedal, your car does not stop immediately. To stop it, and even on dry pavement, it still takes a few seconds. As a rule, in order to take emergency action and break to avoid an unnecessary accident, you need to make the right decision in a fraction of a second. And in the event that you do not keep the necessary distance when driving a car, then you may not have enough time for the braking itself, which will certainly lead you to an accident in which you will most likely be recognized as the culprit, and all because of non-observance of the distance.

Remember friends, the higher the speed of the car, the more time it will take to stop it completely. Therefore, remember, the higher the speed of your car, the greater the distance to the car in front should be.

10) Choose the best route.

If you, a respected motorist, do not have sufficient driving experience and are still a novice driver, then we advise you to choose the best route for yourself, thereby avoiding large traffic jams and dangerous sections of the road. Also, remember to follow the speed limit. If you feel that the speed of your car is too high for you, then reduce this speed to the appropriate for your safety, namely, to the one at which you will feel confident and comfortable.

11) Don’t get distracted on the road.

Despite the fact that at the legislative level it is strictly forbidden to talk on a mobile phone while driving, a large number of motorists on our roads still violate this law anyway. Surely, friends, you have seen very strange behavior on the road of a car more than once and were at a loss – “why this driver drives his car so strangely”, but as soon as you overtake this car, you immediately see that the driver of the car is just talking on a mobile phone. Doesn’t this remind you of anything? That’s right, this is how a driver drives a car when he is intoxicated. So this cell phone almost completely dulls the driver’s attention on the road and reduces his reaction.

Also, dear friends, try not to eat any food and drinks while driving a car, as this is very distracting from the traffic situation and can lead you to an accident in which you will be to blame.

12) Do not provoke other drivers to do aggressive driving.

When driving a car in your lane, try to give way to the car that is moving after you at a higher speed. Please remember that by not giving way to a fast-moving car, you yourself provoke another driver not only to aggressive driving but also to rash actions, which can cause an accident. And lastly:

– Always use seat belts.

 – Do not abuse the sound signal. This may provoke other drivers.

 – Do not listen to loud music while driving at high speed. Music distracts the driver from the road and reduces reaction.

 – If you are very tired, slow down or stop altogether.

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