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5 tips to help you learn to drive better

How to learn to drive well
Surely many of you have noticed that in recent years, traffic on our roads has become very nervous and not so safe. Many of us, when commuting to work and returning home, almost daily face accidents on the roads that were provoked by terribly uncultured drivers. Many motorists and you, dear readers, probably do not understand why this is happening in our country? Why on the roads in recent years the number of sloppy, inattentive, and aggressive drivers has increased several times ..? Or maybe you need to first turn your attention to yourself and somehow look at it all from the side? Then perhaps many of us will become clear and understand what is really happening on the roads before judging other drivers. What do you guys think..? Maybe it’s really better to start right with yourself..?

We personally analyzed most of the advice on this subject on the Internet, which talks about how to learn how to drive a car well and how to become a more experienced driver in a short period of time. But oddly enough, in our opinion, almost all network resources do not advise drivers to look at themselves first from the outside. After all, even if you are an experienced and accurate driver, you can still make yourself even better and more experienced in fact, and almost always. Do you probably think that experienced drivers fully comply with all the necessary recommendations and traffic rules? But in vain … If this were so, then there would be no questions, then in our country, the number of accidents would have decreased by more than three times long ago.

In most cases, it happens in principle so that even experienced drivers accidentally become the culprits of emergency situations on the road. The fault is not their knowledge of traffic rules, but simply the usual wrong habits that have developed over many years of driving a car. In addition, many professional drivers with long driving experience often neglect the safety rules when driving a car, believing that their experience will not allow them to get into an accident. But these friends are the biggest of delusions. Below, dear readers, you can find 5 (five) simple rules that must be observed on the roads, this will allow you to improve your driving experience.

5). Do not use a mobile phone while driving

You have probably heard about the dangers of talking on a cell phone while driving a car while it is moving ..? So, besides all this, not many of you know that sending and reading SMS messages also poses a great threat to the driver, since such actions greatly distract the driver from the road, and this is considered even more dangerous than a short conversation on a mobile phone. phone. The most amazing thing is that all drivers without exception know about it. But what actually happens in reality… It is enough to turn around and around you while driving a car and you will immediately see a huge number of drivers who use their mobile phones while driving a car. And this is despite the fact that talking on a cell phone while driving is strictly prohibited by Russian law.

Fortunately, many drivers, understanding all this with inner conviction, began to use hands-free systems in the car. This certainly reduces the risk of an accident, but not 100%. The fact is that any conversation while driving in any way greatly distracts the driver from the road because during such and any conversation in principle, our brain conducts complex mental calculations. Therefore, any conversation naturally diverts our attention from the traffic situation. Do you know why many drivers while driving are talking on a mobile phone while driving a car? It’s all about habit. After all, we can no longer imagine our lives without phones, tablets, or computers. It is for this reason that many drivers, realizing the danger of talking on the phone while driving a car, still neglect such a warning.

Therefore, in order to improve your driving skills in the future, you need to completely abandon the use of the phone while driving. To do this, when you get into the car, immediately put your phone in the glove compartment so that you are not tempted to pick it up.

Remember that even ordinary conversations with passengers can greatly distract your attention from the road. Therefore, try to talk with passengers as little as possible when driving in difficult weather conditions.

4). Always be prepared for the worst traffic situation

Do you know any secret about experienced drivers who drive a car much better than you? Not..? As a rule, in reality, professional drivers almost never relax behind the wheel. They are always on the alert even when driving at low speeds and even on an empty road.

To become a more successful driver, you must also be constantly prepared for any extraordinary situations on the road. You must be internally aware that at any moment on the road an unpleasant situation can occur for you, which can be life-threatening.

You should not rely personally on other drivers. In 95% of the cases of accidents on the road, the human factor became to blame for all this. It is for this reason that you must constantly read the situation around you on the road, thereby predicting the actions of other drivers who are moving in front of you, to the side, or behind you.

For example, you should pay close attention to those cars that are moving in lanes adjacent to you. After all, it is possible that one of the drivers of neighboring cars suddenly wants to change lanes, forgetting to turn on the turn signal or let’s say starting to change lanes without noticing your car, and so on. etc.

Therefore, remember, in order not to get into an accident, you must anticipate the stupidity on the road of other drivers in advance and thereby predict the development of a further situation. Thus, in case of danger, you will have time to prevent an unwanted collision.

3). Distance is the most important thing on the road

Surely every driver knows that keeping a distance is one of the most important steps for the safe movement of a car. But, nevertheless, most motorists neglect this rule, which often leads them to an accident. Many drivers become more confident over time and therefore forget these strict distance rules between vehicles.

But you should still remember that no matter what security systems are installed in your car, any vehicle (even a multi-ton one) tends to turn into a pile of metal in a matter of seconds. Therefore, your task is to keep a sufficient distance from other vehicles so that in case of danger you could brake sharply and thereby avoid an accident.

After all, every driver must remember that anything can happen in front of the car in front. But you won’t be able to see this in time (what happened there ..?) Therefore, remember, friends, in the event of sharp braking of the car in front, the distance is not observed, you simply will not have time to stop your car immediately and immediately.

This is especially true at the moment when a vehicle unexpectedly and without a turn signal is rebuilt into your lane.

2). Don’t focus on the vehicle ahead

When you’re driving on a highway, are you specifically looking at the car in front of you or what..? You don’t have friends to do this. You have to look at this moment much further in order to see everything that happens further ahead of the car in front of you, which is moving directly in front of you. This is especially true when driving at high speed on the highway. Don’t worry if you can’t see the car ahead of you. Your peripheral vision, as it were, will help you notice it in time when the car in front starts to slow down.

If you look at the road in the distance, you will be able to notice for yourself in time that the flow of vehicles has begun to slow down. This will mean that the speed of the general flow of cars has begun to fall and it’s time for you to start stopping or slowing down the car.

Also, you must constantly view and see all road signs and at the same time control other cars, and you need to do this with the help of side rear-view mirrors and with the help of a rear-view mirror located in the passenger compartment of your car. You must constantly monitor all visible vehicles in order to respond in time to the emergency situation you foresaw.

1). State your intentions in advance

Someone calls the light signaling signals when he intends to turn on the car, turn signals. Others call them to turn signals or turn signals. Ever since we were in driving school, many of us have been taught that turn signals are one of the most important functions in a car for road safety. Nevertheless, every single day we are faced with such drivers who simply disregard the rules of the road and do not turn on the turn signals when rebuilding the car.

For the first time, such direction indicators appeared in 1938 on Buick cars. In 1940, the so-called turn signal control system began to appear on many cars, which is still present on all modern cars in the same form as it was then. This means that we motorists have had 75 years to learn how to use this turn signal system. After all, there is nothing complicated in this. To turn on the direction indicator, just press or turn the lever and that’s it.

But, to our great regret, many drivers often do not turn on these turn signals, which often leads to serious accidents. Remember friends that other drivers are not clairvoyant and cannot predict your intentions on the road in advance. Therefore, before maneuvering, always turn on the turn signals. This must be done in advance, and not at that moment before the rebuilding itself. Having turned on the turn signal in advance, you must make and maintain a short pause so that other road users see your intention to change lanes or turn.

Always remember that by periodically turning on the direction indicators on the car (even on an empty street), you may well be able to save someone’s life. But the fact is that by constantly turning on the turn signals when changing lanes and when turning, you automatically develop a good habit in yourself that will not allow you to forget to turn on these turn signals. Good luck to all!

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